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“Nancy Lieder’s Vision” 2014-16, 6:40, Hand-Painted 16m and Super 8 Film Strips on Digital

In 1995 amateur astronomer Nancy Lieder announced that the Earth would soon be destroyed in collision with another planet. An exploration of the end of the world.

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“Seduction of the Innocent” 2016, 12 Minutes, Handprinted 16mm Animation on Digital

Commercial printing techniques are applied directly to the filmstrip in a meditation on subliminal messages, comic books, and censorship.

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“Bardo-Thadol, or: Meditations on Binary Vision” 2016, 10 Minutes, Digital Animation.

Can a film help an audience come to terms with death? A meditation on life, death, and the spaces in between.

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“Intermission” 2016, 27 Minutes, Digital

Four short interludes on filmmaking, chemistry, the American West and interplanetary communications.

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“Oh, Ophelia 2017, 3:40, Hand-Painted and Digital Animation with Super 8 on Digital.

A man is visited by ghosts of the dead in his dreams. What happens when the lines between dream and reality become blurred?


 “Odysseus and the Oceanic Feeling 2017, 25 Minutes, Digital

A queer contemporary reimagining of the Odyssey. Odysseus wracked with guilt for the loss of his crew returns home in search of a lost love.

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“Ideas for Films 2017, 5 Minutes, 16mm on Digital

Ideas for films: real, imagined and impossible are set free into the world. An exorcism.

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“Fear of Drowning 2018, 9 Minutes, Digital

“For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one.” A meditation on fear in three parts.